Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
is taught by Solutions Centre Rousse trainers
at the Social Health Department of Angel Kanchev Rousse University, Bulgaria
to Rehabilitation and Ergo therapy students,
and as post-graduate courses for helping professionals at the Centre for Continuing Education.

For additional information:
Lilia Todorova, e-mail:
Antonina Mihaylova, Continuing Education Centre , Rousse University, suite 213.1,
phone: +359 82 888 567, mob: +359 887 867 217, е-mail:

Conversations Led by Clients (CoLeC)
is taught by Dr Plamen Panayotov
at the Bucharest University, Romania,
as a module of SFBT post-graduate training for helping professionals.

For additional information:
Bogdan Ion, Ph.D.

Conversations Led by Clients (CoLeC)
has been taught by Dr Plamen Panayotov
in private courses for helping professionals in Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, North Macedonia,
the Netherlands, Romania, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia, Canada, and the US.
CoLeC training and supervision are available for interested persons and groups.

mob: +359 878435014, е-mail:

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