Social firm
Since 2009 the Solutions Centre Rousse
in cooperation with the
Rousse Regional Psychiatric Dispensary
supported by
the Social Assistance Agency
through the Human Resources Development Operative Program 2007-2013


Project ‘SMART’
Creating a Model for Activating the Work Potential and Abilities of Chronic Psychiatric Patients

The goal is to improve the quality of life and overcome the social isolation of forty persons with chronic psychiatric diseases from Rousse by developing their basic work and social skills.

The total project budget is 347 400.26 BGN for 18 months.

After completing the pilot phase the project is expected to continue as a social firm, allowing the patients to create additional income for themselves.

Basic Activities

Vegetable Growing

Producing Hand Made Goods and Souvenirs

Tailoring and Upholstery

Floriculture and Planting

Social and Psychological Counseling

From the Social Firm you can purchase:

A variety of
household linen, work clothes,
hand made goods and souvenirs, Christmas decorations,
all of high quality and at low prices.

Buying our products,
You support
the rehabilitation of chronic psychiatric patients from Rousse, Bulgaria.

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